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Prasanna Devi,

Notary Public of Singapore

Available in Central and East of Singapore

Simple Process

Full range of Notary Public Services

  • Email me at
  • Call Or Whatsapp me on 8339 9922
  • I will then provide you with a quote and an appointment
  • At the appointment, the notarisation will be done
  • I shall make arrangements to go to the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) for authentication on your behalf at no added cost
  • Once the document returns, you may pick up the authenticated/apostilled/legalised document
Appointment for NotarisationImmediate or within a day
Pick up after completion of notarisationWithin a day or two
Pick up after completion of legalisation if required

Timeline varies

a. It requires appointment with the Singapore Academy of Law for authentication

b. Possibly Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for verification

c. Legalisation by the respective Country’s consulate (consulate)/embassy for legalisation

d. Call me for further advise


**Note, with effect from 1 Oct 2019, all documents that require notarisation by a Notary Public in Singapore will have to be authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL)

What you Need to Know

  • If the documents you are providing need to be attested before me, the documents need to be fully filled up. No blanks, other than where you need to sign in front of me.
  • The document that you are attesting on, must reflect the exact name on your identification document and your residing address (where address is required)
  • You need to bring along your identification document and proof of your residing address if the identification document does not show your residing address.
    • Identification document such as your Identity card, Passport, Employment pass, Work Permit or Singapore Driving licence
    • Proof of residing address such as your latest water or electricity bill or bank statement reflecting your residing address
  • No errors in the documents

Bring along original of the document that needs to be certified and copies of the original​

For attestation (You must attend)

For certifying true copy (You may send a representative)

Why let me help you


Well-experienced Notary Public Singapore

time check

Available after office hours and on the weekends.


Conveniently located within and out of CBD


No added cost to travel to the Singapore Academy of Law for authentication.


Assistance with urgent notary services

The Notary Public services Singapore

As a qualified cheap notary public in Singapore, Commissioner for Oaths, Advocate, and Solicitor, Prasanna was called to the Singapore Bar in the year 1998.

Prasanna takes a personal interest in the work of every client, thereby providing that personal touch that clients require.

To achieve this, she ensures personal communication with her clients, providing personalised advice every step of the way.

Why choose me?

Looking for a cheap notary public in Singapore near me? Here I am available to assist you. With years of experience in the field of notary services in Singapore, I have helped many clients with their document legalisation.

Through my professionalism and expertise in the field, I shall endeavour to ensure that every client gets the best service.

Here are several reasons that highlight the benefits you can avail of after hiring my services.

Quick and Reliable Service

Keeping reliability and authenticity as our topmost priority, I will ensure that all the notarising documents are processed quickly, meeting the deadlines.

Safety and Security

Worried about the confidentiality of your documents? I will make sure that all your papers are kept safe and secure.

International Services

I have been helping individuals around the country for a long time. Besides this, I also cater to the needs of foreign clients.

Quick Delivery

Once your documentation process is completed, you can make your own arrangements to get the notarising documents delivered to your doorstep, collect them yourself or take a short walk to the Singapore Academy of Law to get them authenticated on the spot without the need for return (all completed in about an hour)

Quality Assured

No compromise on service or quality.

Full Assistance

You can send me your queries at any time. I will be here to respond to you and guide you.

A timely response is assured.

Transparent Payment

Payment by PayNow or cash is accepted by the Notary.

Notary Weekend Service

Looking for a notary weekend service?

I know that finding a notary service that operates on weekends as well is never easy. But there’s no need to worry. I am available on a weekend by prior arrangements and largely during after working hours too.

As a Notary Public of Singapore

Prasanna as a Notary can help you with:

  • Notary work in relation to, attestation of individual and company documents
  • Notary work in relation to, attestation of Document for Legalisation
  • Legalization at the respective embassy
  • Apostille documents
  • Notary work in relation to, attestation of Proof of Debt


A notary service is the process of getting your documents attested to and authenticated with the Singapore academy of law.

A notary public’s licence is yearly renewal subject to the Singapore Academy of law’s approval.

When you come on the day of the appointment, it is important to bring all the documents with you for verification purposes. You can ask beforehand to avoid any delays in the process. Some of the documents you will need will be:

  • Your identification details, mainly your ID card, passport, photograph, driver’s licence
  • The documents that are required to be signed
  • Any instructions given
  • Other important documents

The notary process can be completed in an hour or within a day.

The appointment process is quite simple and easy. You can contact me through the website or leave me an email at You can also communicate with me through my contact number, 8339 9922 by a phone call or whatsapp.

Public documents are commonly referred to as those documents that the government issues. They include;

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Identity cards

The benefits of getting a document notarised include;

  1. It makes the document credible
  2. It offers legal protection
  3. Reduces the possibility of fraud
  4. Provide authentication
  5. Protection of rights

For Notary to come to you, give me a call or whatsapp me at 83399922


The Adelphi

1 Coleman Street

Also available at Tanjong Katong area (East of Singapore) between 4pm to 6pm by prior appointment.

Client Comments

I am very happy to confirm that your service was excellent. Most of all, I appreciate your not having oversold your services and actually counselled me for what would work for my requirements. Simple legal endorsement, at a fraction of the cost, instead of needless notarization. Well done, indeed!
It was a very smooth process and you were especially helpful in trying to help us expedite the overall process.
Chanel Oh


Have any questions? Fill up the form. I will respond within 24 hours.